Paid Search

Master Paid Search Ads with Our Proven ROI-Driven Approach

Paid search ads are the quickest way to drive intent-based, qualified traffic and conversions. Our team of experts has managed millions of dollars of AdWords campaigns successfully, and we’ve built a proven methodology that prioritizes visibility, control, and scale.

We start by developing a performance-driven budget strategy that’s aligned with your business goals. Then, we use keyword, cost, and conversion data to optimize your campaigns for the most efficient performance and CPA targets. We also test messaging to use across your website and other marketing channels.

We’re not just about vanity metrics. We’ll collaborate with you to define real metrics that track to your true ROI. So, whether you’re looking to increase sales, generate leads, or drive brand awareness, we can help you achieve your goals with paid search ads.

Paid Search and PPC Services

Keyword Research

Identifying and selecting relevant and cost-effective keywords tailored to the client’s product or service.

Ad Creation

Crafting compelling advertisements that target the selected keywords and resonate with the intended audience.

Landing Page Design

Designing web pages where users land after clicking an ad, optimized for conversions.

Campaign Setup

Configuring all necessary settings within the PPC platform, including targeting, bids, and budgets.

Bid Management

Adjusting keyword bids to maximize ROI and stay within the allocated budget.


Focusing ads on specific demographics, geographies, devices, and times of day to optimize conversions.

Performance Monitoring

Continuously tracking campaign metrics to understand how well the ads are performing.

Conversion Tracking

Setting up tools to measure how many clicks lead to desired actions, such as purchases or sign-ups.

A/B Testing

Comparing different ad variants to determine which performs best and optimizing accordingly.


Serving ads to individuals who have previously visited the website or interacted with its content, to re-engage them.

Ad Extensions

Enhancing ads with additional information, like phone numbers, site links, or location data, to improve click-through rates.

Quality Score Optimization

Improving factors like landing page relevance and click-through rate to receive better ad placements at lower costs.

Negative Keyword Management

Filtering out irrelevant keywords that can waste budget and decrease ROI.

Account Audit

Reviewing and assessing the current state of a PPC account to recommend improvements.


Providing regular updates on campaign performance, including metrics like clicks, conversions, and spend.

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